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My Main RP blog: Marshall-Lee-Vampire-King-Time 

Some of you may or may have not noticed that I’ve been inactive on this blog.  The reason for that is that I’m so engrossed in my RP blog as Marshall Lee.  The blog has made me really happy with all of the interactions I’ve had on there and that’s why I’ve been so occupied with it.  

That being said I will still leave this blog online should I ever need to come back to it and all of the posts I’ve made/reblogged, but my activity will be dedicated mostly to my RP blog from now on.  I’d love it if you guys followed me on there (and I’d follow you back on there as well), but I understand if you choose not to.  I love you all and I hope we can have adventures together on my new blog in the future.

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Love how I start up an RP blog and get about 30 followers in a day while it took me forever with my original blog to even get 20.  XD

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p0intofdisgust: "Sorry for my late response, that's great, I don't but I wanted to contact someone on there as I did sign up (before knowing you had to pay) I found I couldn't afford it, i can only just afford my rent and food aha, and haven't been able to contact him. I was looking for someone that would consider messaging him for me (if you say no I understand I'm just looking) In return I'd be willing to pay a small fee on PayPal? Or promote you to 15.5 K followers everyday for a year? Whatever x"

No problem.  I’ve had weirder requests in the past by far.  XD

Just let me know who I need to contact and what you need me to say.  Don’t worry about paying me or promoting me every day for a year.  I’m just happy having another follower and being able to do a good thing for someone.  :3

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Marshall Lee the Vampire King (RP) Blog 

Just created my new RP blog.  Only one post so far but there’s more to come in the future.  If you’d like to follow my adventures or RP with me then I’d love for you to follow me and I’ll follow back in return.  :)  Marshall Lee out~

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IMPORTANT! Check your blog’s settings for other blogs under your profile! 

I was checking updates on my phone when I found out that there were two secondary blogs under my profile that I did NOT create.  I turned on my laptop to check if they were still there.

They were, and when I tried checking out the posts on them I was linked away and my computer warned me of a phishing site.  Had to act fast.

Went to my settings, deleted the two secondary blogs, and changed my password.  I’m posting this now in case anyone else might be affected.

PLEASE check your blogs for any suspicious activity and any blogs that you did NOT create.  PLEASE signal boost this for everyone to see so nobody gets hacked or so we can prevent further hacking.  I care about you guys and everybody else on tumblr.  Be careful out there everybody.

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The Scooby Doo cartoons have kept the same style for almost all of its runs



Then you have “Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get a Clue!” and it’s like


Who the fuck are these assholes



I actually remember this show…  and for the record, the style change is due to the fact that they based the character designs on the live action movie cast…  not that Fred, Daphne, or Velma even made regular appearances on this show.  Interesting to note that it was also the last show to be produced by co-creator Joseph Barbera.

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I love how Colin is the only one who can even finish singing the song.  XD

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HQ Free! OP

Reblogging for OLDCODEX

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Can’t decide between 2 RP blogs… 

Dark Jack Frost or Marshall Lee?

Anybody have a preference if I were to choose one or the other?

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I really want to start up an RP blog 

I just don’t know who/what I should RP as…

Any suggestions and/or opinions?

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